VIDEO: Cymbals Eat Guitars - ‘Laramie (single edit)’

Noisey have premiered the new video for ‘Laramie’ by Cymbals Eat Guitars.

If you like what you hear, we recommend you also investigate the full 8-minute version of the track, originally featured on the album.

'Laramie' is taken from the album, LOSE, out now:
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OUT NOW: Cymbals Eat Guitars - LOSE

“Their best album to date” - NME
“One of indie-rock’s best bands” – Uncut (8/10)
“Lyric writing in rock music—or, really, any genre—rarely possesses the substance and depth displayed on LOSE” - Pitchfork (8.2)
"Bigger and bolder, more sharpened and focused” - Fake DIY (4/5)
“Momentous to anyone in their 20s, and even us still neurotic old guys.” - Line of Best Fit (8.5/10)
“This isn’t just ‘Album of the Year’ material, but a rare sort of epic-sized record that comes along and seems to echo your entire being” - London In Stereo

Cymbals Eat Guitars third album, LOSE, is released this week on CD, download and as a limited edition gatefold LP on pink vinyl. Select indie stores will be stocking a 4-track bonus disc of live material, entitled, LOOSE*.

Recorded with John Agnelo (Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr), LOSE is Cymbals Eat Guitars’ most direct record, both sonically and emotionally. A reflection on loss told through the dual prism of personal experience (the album specifically addresses the death of high school friend, Benjamin High) and an allegorical meditation on the demise of music’s power to change worlds, singer Joseph D’Agostino’s lyrics detail mid-20s quarter-life-crisis in a way that is both profoundly personal and universal. LOSE offers a retelling of that very common rites of passage that occurs when the recklessness of youth gives way to the emotional hinterland of the twenties; life slows from the racecar speed of adolescence to a psychedelia of existentialism relatable to anyone who has felt that first pull of passing time and found themselves free-falling in the fog of losing and wanting that is young adulthood. A ‘slow education’, indeed.

Musically, the ambition is just as grand, and there’s a sense here of Cymbals Eat Guitars settling on their place within that great expanse of American alt. rock. Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, and especially The Wrens, offer not only sonic cues, but a breathless example of what it means to not give in. And that is ultimately LOSE's defining achievement: the power of self-belief in the face of it all, of embracing a world where the hits might hurt, but the song goes on and on. Any alternative
doesn’t bear thinking about.

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LOSE, Cymbals Eat Guitars' new album, is out next week. Here's what it looks like on pink vinyl. 
And you can pre-order it HERE.

LOSE, Cymbals Eat Guitars' new album, is out next week. Here's what it looks like on pink vinyl.

And you can pre-order it HERE.

Noisey premiere new Big Ups video for ‘Justice’

Noisey have premiered the new video for ‘Justice’ by Big Ups. Directed by Stephen Tringali, it channels a kind of Cold War aesthetic, which all things considered, feels appropriate right now.

With Jabberwocky having been cancelled, Big Ups play a free show with Ought at the Old Blue Last tomorrow night. On stage at 8pm. Full details here. First come first serve.

'Justice' is taken from the album Eighteen Hours of Static, out now. Buy it below:

Jabberwocky announcement - Big Ups alternative London show

Jabberwocky has sadly been cancelled, but there is light at the end of the tunnel - Big Ups will be playing a free show with the equally-incredible Ought at the Old Blue Last on Friday 15th August. Big Ups are on stage at 8pm. Yes, it is an early show.

More details here.

Cymbals Eat Guitars - ‘Warning’ (Pitchfork - Best New Track)


"If you’ve never seen Cymbals Eat Guitars play Lenses Alien live, you might be shit out of luck. The Staten Island band performed not a single song from their excellent 2011 LP while debuting new material on the road this past fall. “It was work playing material from Lenses Alien live,” frontman Joseph D’Agostino explained. “If you had even a couple drinks before the show, there was no way you were gonna nail everything.” But judging from the singles Shaolin’s finest have let go from their upcoming third record LOSE, their only mistake was forgetting to have fun.

Even more so than "Jackson" and "Chambers", “Warning” maintains every development from last time out and gets rid of the unnecessary complexities that might cause an audience to check out. Essentially a rocket-fueled redux of "Shore Points", you get the same tricky guitar riffs and hyper-detailed lyrics—”You’re lookin’ mighty ghostly just like Bowie on ‘Soul Train’,” D’Agostino sings. But this time, it’s within an instantly knowable song structure where the chorus actually repeats; they hit the crescendo at the end, resulting in quintessential indie rock that’s quickly identifiable as Cymbals Eat Guitars. After years of cleverly taking from the indie rock canon, “Warning” is Cymbals Eat Guitars’ gift back.”

Pitchfork have premiered another new track from Cymbals Eat Guitars' new album, LOSE, out on 25th August. Check it out 'Warning' here.

Pre-order LOSE from the below stores. Please note that pre-orders from the indie stores also come with a free live disc, LOOSE.

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CYMBALS in Los Angeles for the first time, perfect start to our journey up the west coast.

Photos by Karis Mackenzie -

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We are here, we are somewhere.

I won’t lie: there was so much adversity that it was hard not to be superstitious.

But other things have just worked out perfectly.

No plateaus.

The thing is: to bring these songs closer to you all, sing at you and near you. Since The Age of…

Because this is what it means to do things this way.

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Thanks to all those who turned out for the Autobahn release shows last week. here’s a video from the gig in Leeds.

EP 2 is out now

Pre-order EP 2 iTunes - 12” -

Pre-order EP 2
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BIG UPS featured as one of Rolling Stone’s Breakout Rock Acts of 2014!


BIG UPS featured as one of Rolling Stone’s Breakout Rock Acts of 2014!

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We have another space where we can write about things that don’t relate directly to Tough Love, but somehow unconsciously inform it. Follow us here -

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"Technically NYC"

From Cymbals Eat Guitars upcoming full-length LOSE, out August 25, 2014.

Pre-Order the album and exclusive packages here.

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“It’s been like this dark undercurrent in everything that I’ve written in my life so far […] and now it’s not an undercurrent, it’s totally explicit. And it’s all out there. And I do feel like I can begin to write about other things in an equally honest and forthright way. Which is really liberating. I’ve kind of said my truth at this point. So we’ll see what that becomes.”

Stereogum have run the first interview with Cymbals Eat Guitars about new record, LOSE (out 25th August). Read it here.

That same site have also premiered new track, ‘Chambers’, a song about 'dealing with the loneliness and alienation that comes from living in that part of New York, and the anxiety of watching your family grow older.' That’s the song in the Soundcloud player the top.

Pre-order LOSE here