Originally released as a bonus 7″ as part of the limited edition Dinked pressing of Cindy’s third album, 1:2, Little Liability and Take My Place are now available to stream/download. The first instrumental, the second gently poetic, both devastating in that manner we’re now beginning to understand as typically Cindy. Another two half-open windows into the mysteriously intimate world of Karina Gill & co. 

Little Liability:
“This song feels like walking in the northwest part of San Francisco. Aaron lives in that neighborhood. It’s usually overcast there and the wide avenues are crossed by narrower streets. It’s a quiet part of town that eventually leads you to the ocean. ”

Take My Place:
“I wrote this song, like most Cindy songs, because something I came across in daily life crystallized things I’ve thought and felt for a long time. It was heaven to sit down with my friend Kati in her apartment and work out a two guitar arrangement on her four track. She’s an incredible musician and even though we tried a few versions, the first recorded attempt is what you hear. ”

– Karina Gill, 2022

Stream/download at Bandcamp here  (also available on all other DSPs)

n.b. Karina is joined by Aaron Diko and Simon Phillips on Little Liability, and Katiana Mashikian on Take My Place