As part of Bandcamp’s fee-free day in which 100% of all revenue goes direct to the artist & label, Peel Dream Magazine have released a new EP entitled Moral Panics, available exclusively via Bandcamp. Moral Panics features six unreleased tracks recorded during the sessions for their recently released second album Agitprop Alterna.

Stream/download Moral Panics here

In addition to the Bandcamp release, Tough Love will release a lathe cut edition of the record, housed in hand printed sleeves and limited to 25 copies. A mock up of the record is included below. This is only available to purchase via Bandcamp [EDIT: SOLD OUT]

Joe Stevens, the main artistic force behind Peel Dream Magazine, explains the thoughts the behind the EP:

“Moral Panics is an EP featuring unreleased songs from the Agitprop Alterna recording sessions over the course of 2018 and 2019. It’s kind of like a sibling to that record as well as the Up and Up EP from 2019. The title comes from Stanley Cohen’s Folk Devils and Moral Panics which talks about Mods in England during the 1960s. Cohen talks about how the English press and politicians benefited from vilifying that cultural phenomenon, and I wrote about it in the first track New Culture, as well as Permanent Moral Crisis off the LP. I’m really into everything Mod … I think it’s something I come back to again and again. These songs definitely create their own vibe but they’re still connected to Agitprop Alterna …”

1.   New Culture
2.   Verfremdungseffekt
3.   Dialectrics
4.   Life At The Movies
5.   The Furthest Nearby Place
6.   Clean Water (DEMO)