VIDEO: Cymbals Eat Guitars - ‘Laramie (single edit)’

Noisey have premiered the new video for ‘Laramie’ by Cymbals Eat Guitars.

If you like what you hear, we recommend you also investigate the full 8-minute version of the track, originally featured on the album.

'Laramie' is taken from the album, LOSE, out now:
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Drift -

Noisey premiere new Big Ups video for ‘Justice’

Noisey have premiered the new video for ‘Justice’ by Big Ups. Directed by Stephen Tringali, it channels a kind of Cold War aesthetic, which all things considered, feels appropriate right now.

With Jabberwocky having been cancelled, Big Ups play a free show with Ought at the Old Blue Last tomorrow night. On stage at 8pm. Full details here. First come first serve.

'Justice' is taken from the album Eighteen Hours of Static, out now. Buy it below:

Thanks to all those who turned out for the Autobahn release shows last week. here’s a video from the gig in Leeds.

EP 2 is out now

NPR have premiered the new CYMBALS video for ‘The End’, the seven minute-plus centre piece of their new album The Age Of Fracture. Once again, it’s directed by Matthew Reed, who also created their acclaimed high-concept video for 'Erosion', as well as the album trailer. It is the aesthetic that was first introduced in the latter that is explored more fully in this new video:

"The video is a portrait of London over 24 hours, stripped back to its essential rhythms of work, leisure and the movement between the two. The song seemed, to me, to inhabit that grey area between four in the morning and dawn, when you have people going home from the night before and people getting up for work, sharing the same night bus.

So the video keeps ending up at that point. The idea being that however much you may try to escape it, city life keeps you hostage to very pronounced cycles of rhythm and routine. The video is an attempt to distill that into a psychedelia of: ticket halls, private gyms, gigs and Wetherspoons.”

CYMBALS are set to play a special one-off show at Corsica Studios next Wednesday (4th June), which sees support from Oscar and Shy Nature, as well as a very unique performance from poets Joe Dunthorne and Jack underwood. In July, the group cross the Atlantic for their first ever North American tour.

04 June - Corsica Studios, London - tickets 
20 June - Camden Crawl, London
20 June - Camden Crawl, London
18 July - Pianos, NYC,
19 July - Glasslands, Brooklyn
22 July - iHeartComix @ Echo, LA
23 July - Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco
25 July - Bunkbar, Portland
26 July - Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle
27 July - Media Club, Vancouver

Official video for ‘Erosion’ by CYMBALS. Directed by Matthew Reed.

"Having found myself increasingly privately frustrated by the Buzzfeed/clickbait/endless-rivers-of-meaningless-shit aesthetic that’s come to dominate how a majority of people engage with the internet, and the way this was subsequently seeping into the production of art, i thought it might be entertaining to critique the whole process by creating a hyperreal, absurd presentation of it. I suppose the title of the song had some hand in connecting the dots, too — the fear that our collective intelligence and expectations of what is possible was being eroded away by lowest-common-denominator manipulative imagery. And i guess i’d chosen to interpret Jack’s lyrics in such a way - that idea of pushing against an undefined dominant force, of starting "a dancing motion i could make alone" - that the idea chimed with what the song was about (i’m likely completely wrong - the beauty of art!). But at this point it was just an idea, a private frustration conceptualised. It required collaborative input to be realised in any meaningful way. It was first Matthew Reed, the director, who suggested the notion of satirising ‘internet culture’, and then the band through their performance, who took that germ of an idea and made it into a work of art where all that is solid melts into air." - Stephen P

"I wanted to put all of these elements Stephen and I had spoken about, together into a kind of virtual museum or gallery. I wanted to create a collection of imagined future relics. Then the video plays out almost like an archaeologist sifting through a horde of Buzzfeed-era trash, while it just melts into a kind of HD sludge in his hands."- Matthew Reed

12th March - SXSW - Forcefield @ Maggie Maes  - 12am
13th March - SXSW - Howl @ Cheer Up Charlies  -1:15 am
2nd May - Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
3rd May - Live At Leeds, Leeds
4th May - Canterbury City Sound Project, Canterbury
4th June - Corsica Studios, London -

Noisey have premiered the new video for ‘Goes Black’ by Big Ups.

Goes Black’ is taken from Big Ups debut album, Eighteen Hours of Static, released on 13th January through Tough Love/Dead Labor. Pre-order on iTunes here -

Directed by TerrorEyes. Sean Stout is a New York-via-Los Angeles-based videographer, director, and editor who has been creating videos under his TerrorEyes moniker since he was a teenager. His resume includes videos for the likes of Trash Talk, Death Grips, Chelsea Wolfe, Russian Circles, and he’s been featured on Pitchfork, Complex, Vice, Fader, Billboard, Spin and NPR to name a few.

CYMBALS will release their new album, The Age of Fracture, on 27th January 2014. Here is a video about it.

Taken from the album of the same, out now. Buy The New Life here -

A deluxe version of the album is released on 4th November, featuring 7 extra tracks

Directed by Dan Tombs
Choreography & performance by Sarah Lewis

From the band:
"The whole conception, development and recording for The New Life was as insular as it gets but once documented and released to the world at large I’m very much of the opinion that you should give the songs their own legs and see where they go. This is why we’ve been very open for visual collaboration with previous videos and artworks and with the forthcoming remixes which we shall be releasing. Having been a fan of Dan Tombs’ previous work we were more than happy to leave him to his own devices. The New Life now in this format is no longer so insular. Dan’s direction and video manipulation coupled with Sarah Lewis’ performance, marry the hypnotic repetitive riffs and drum beats to a perfect jittering, hypnotic visual identity of it’s own."

From director, Dan Tombs:
"The video is one continuous take of improvisation. Shot in an old industrial textile warehouse, filmed with a single static camera. The image was post processed and manipulated live in one take recorded to disc, using a combination of digital video processing and analogue hardware to create a fluid rendering of the movement of the music and the dance. The intention is to induce a hypnotic state that compliments the track and captivate an audience."

From choreographer and performer, Sarah Lewis:
"Initially inspired by the minimalist art movement, ZERO, my movement explorations evolved into abstract physicalisation’s of distortion. I wanted to create a sense of lonely awkwardness and worked with simple repetitive movements with small and gradual changes. The result, I hope, is a lone figure, sometimes distorted out of recognition, finding her feet in a place of purgatory but leaving questions of how did she get here and where did she go?"

Thanks to whoever made this unofficial video for ‘The End’ by CYMBALS.

17 Jun 2013 / 4 notes / CYMBALS The End video 


Hypnotic Regression 18.05.13 Plissken Festival. Atehns, Greece


The New Life. 16.05.13. Coalition, Brighton, England - The Great Escape Festival

22 May 2013 / Reblogged from girlsnames-deadtome with 4 notes / Girls Names live The New Life video 

Watch the new video for ‘Hypnotic Regression’ by Girls Names, premiered at Dazed Digital.

Dir. Nick Thompson

'Hypnotic Regression' is taken from Girls Names' second album, The New Life, out now. Buy The New Life on iTunes here.

Tour dates

12th - Nuits Botainique, Brussels, Belgium
13th - Radio 1 Big Weekend/BBC Introducing Live, Derry
15th - 100 Club, London w/ Merchandise - SOLD OUT
16th - Great Escape @ Coalition, Brighton
17th - MKC, Skopje, Macedonia
18th - Plissken Festival, Athens, Greece
1st - Forbidden Fruit, Dublin - tickets
17th - Green Man Festival, Glanusk, Wales

Girls Names - The New Life from Future Sweden on Vimeo.

Girls Names - ‘The New Life’ (Live at Cameo, Brooklyn, 10th March 2013)

Girls Names - The Olympia from Future Sweden on Vimeo.

Girls Names - ‘The Olympia’ (Live at Cameo, Brooklyn, 10th March 2013)

Choreography/dancing - Jaime Flor
Director - Miles Langley
Assistant director - Philippa Johnson
Executive producer - Ollie Evans
Original concept - CYMBALS
D.O.P. - Jamie Durand
Stylist - Heather Falconer
2nd camera - Josh Brooks
Colourist - Jack McGinty
Single edit - Chris Bellam