The Soft Walls

Recorded over the space of nine months, The Soft Walls is the product of time spent in solitude by Cold Pumas member and Faux Discx overseer, Dan Reeves. Incorporating a broad palette of sonic textures that include psychedelic folk, ambient & found sounds, lo-fidelity garage, disjointed krautrock, and the more inward-looking mutations of house, the diverse range of influences on show ultimately forge what is a very singular and unique vision.

Thick with the fog of tape static, claustrophobic ambience and the cavernous effect applied to Reeves’ vocal, The Soft Walls conjures a similar turn-of-the-century anxiety as that of peers Women and Liars. However, there remains something suitably European in The Soft Walls’ unease, at once close heat, then slanting rain. It’s increasingly rare to find music of this type made in Britain and it’s the Otherness of The Soft Walls noise and invention that allows it to stand-alone.

Previously released via Reeves’ Bandcamp page and as a limited edition cassette on Suplex, Tough Love are now making the record available on limited edition vinyl (100 copies only) as well as through all the usual digital services.

The Soft Walls - LP


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