Virals is the latest project from Shaun Hencher, last seen fronting the much-loved Dionysian punks, Lovvers.
Following the implosion of that band. Virals offers a new beginning and see’s Shaun predominately writing, playing and recording on his own. And with that new beginning comes a fresh approach to songwriting that takes cues from the sunshine vibe of the West Coast but retains a suitably English feel.

Beginning as a studio-only project in late 2010, Hencher began with the main aim to craft songs that stick in the head but don’t take themselves too seriously. To date he’s stockpiled a collection of twenty-plus songs, and is only now starting to make these songs available with a series of well-planned releases.

The first release arrived in February 2012, a two-track 7” on Sexbeat (Fresh & Onlys, White Fence). Those songs hinted at an uncanny melodicism that is fleshed out on the follow-up, a four-track 12” EP on Tough Love (Weird Dreams, Girls Names, Male Bonding).

Opening with ‘Coming Up With The Sun’, a glorious shot of wide-eyed she-loves-me/she-loves-me-not powerpop, Virals offer up an EP that’s as infectious as the band name would suggest. As akin as it is to what’s currently happening in California now, it mainly recalls the classic productions of Nick Lowe, Eddie and The Hot Rods and The Go Gos, sharing the same earworm qualities and wreckless abandon. 

Released on May 7th, the EP is issued on limited edition 12” red vinyl and digital download.

Coming Up With The Sun - EP


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