Indexe’e by Index For Working Musik is out today.

…aka A Bunker Intimation Vol. 1. And what have they built down there?

A remodel in 40 minutes at half-time, the group temporarily slimmed and tuned to a different gait, a shifting of pulses, delay, moving air; the sound of the room and the body, of the body in the room; a room fogged as emphysemic lungs where indistinct translucent ooze lines its walls, possibly of paranormal origin, possibly of nocturnal transgression alone. The reality – as it ought – is occluded from view. Not necessarily the IFWM unit you might assume, but most certainly one of the many versions they’ve always been. And not so much a new beginning as an alternative diversion through the abyss. Indexe’e: aka Index For Working Musik. Onwards, inwards.

RIYL: the Dead C, Birchville Cat Motel, Skullflower, heat exhaustion, feelings of confusion and self-recrimination et al.

Indexe’e is released on 6th October on all digital platforms and as a highly limited hand-stamped 12″ in an edition of 250. It is, of course, Bandcamp Friday, so any purchases made via that platform today are hugely beneficial and appreciated.

Buy Indexe’e here.
Watch the new video for ‘Frucht Keller’, directed by Nathalia Bruno, below.
More live dates incoming soon…