“Springs Eternal is a big, philosophically questing record, a velvet glove hiding a death-like grip” – MOJO (4/5)
 “…a singular master at work, bending form, lyricism and production to underline his prescient thesis.” – Loud & Quiet (8/10)
 “Doyle has made a record that is as intricate as it is infectious, creating a deft yet complex pop collage that turns a troubled and chaotic world into a beautiful spectacle.” Uncut (8/10)

William Doyle’s latest album, Springs Eternal, is out today and represents his most ambitious and playful collection to date. Taking a panoramic view of the ecstasies and agonies of life in the 2020s, the record asks how we exist as fragile flesh and blood – our hearts beating and our minds racing – in an unprecedented, almost unimaginable time of runaway climate destruction and technological expansion. These are the Big Ideas, cast relatable, sometimes intimate, sometimes ringing and radiant.

Co-produced by indie superproducer Mike Lindsay (Tunng, LUMP) at his MESS studio in Margate, we hear the siren song of the sea washing around pulsating electronics and stirring instrumentation, featuring contributions from musicians Alexander Painter, Genevieve Dawson and Brian Eno. There’s a thrilling cast of characters on show here too – from cowboys to castaways – who just might be Doyle, once or twice removed (though don’t fret too much at the record’s conclusion – it’s not quite a literal telling). Across its eleven tracks, we hear from narrators teetering on the precipice of global disaster, heartbreak, addiction, indoctrination and mental illness, until they pass into the great unknown. The lyrics, by turns earnest and ironic, upfront and allegorical, are paired with infectious melodies and often outright swagger. These are the kind of songs with hooks that dig in, and sentiments that linger, the kind of record that grows with time. Doyle somewhat self-effacingly (and partly inspired by an Oblique Strategies card) describes himself as a ‘song-gardener’. On Springs Eternal, it’s a concept that’s never seemed more approrpiate.

Springs Eternal is  out now digitally, on CD and in two different vinyl editions – blue vinyl with the standard orange artwork, and on orange vinyl with limited edition blue artwork. Buy/stream here.

William Doyle tours in support of the album in March and April next year, as well as playing a series of instores in the UK. All dates below. Tickets on sale now.

Instores in February:
Friday 16th – Rough Trade West, London
Saturday 17th – Drift, Totnes
Sunday 18th – Sound Knowledge, Marlborough
Tuesday 20th – Pie&Vinyl, Portsmouth
Wednesday 21st – Venus Vinyl, Norwich
Thursday 22nd – Jumbo, Leeds